Monday, 29 March 2010

'Dinner Time' Stills

Please check out this animation on Youtube, as the file is too large to upload on this blog. The channel is JennytheNomad.
Instead, I have included some stills for you to see the details of each frame. All of these images are in-betweens that you cannot fully perceive in the animation so here they are in all their glory :)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Unleash Hell

A short lip-synch exercise. The soundtrack is from the opening scene of Gladiator!

Quelle Bonne Surprise!

An exercise in facial acting. This lady is feeling bored and fed up when a bouquet of roses bursts into the scene from an extended arm. She does a flirtatious flick of the head and flutters her eyelashes. Then a mime pops up from behind the flowers. Needless to say, she is disappointed.

As the resolution is rather low, I have posted some stills below so that you can see more detail and the inner workings of the animation!

Alternatively, for a good quality video, please visit my YouTube channel, JennytheNomad.

Saturday, 20 March 2010


Unfortunately, there are errors in uploading this video onto the blog, so please go to my YouTube channel, JennytheNomad, where you can view this clip and others in good quality.

An exercise in acting and reacting with emotion. It was a little challenging because his emo hair covers the eyes so I relied on the body language and mouth to convey the emotion. I actually based his head on a highland cow! This minotaur is a true softy at heart.