Sunday, 14 November 2010

National Gallery presence

The National Gallery have recently uploaded the animations from last year's course to their website.

Unfortunately, the soundtrack has somehow been shifted, coming in two or three seconds too early. I would recommend viewing the animation at, where the audio is on track.

Here is the link to my animation on their website:*/chooseMedia/14/

You can also view my classmates' animations by scrolling down the page.

In other news, I have been animating with Shroom Studio in London Fields since September. Their website is - I recommend that you check out their past work. I have had the privilege of working on all stages of production for clients like the BBC, governmental bodies and charities.

As for animated films, I haven't embarked on any new projects of my own since Lilith's Second Chance - I have yet to develop a concept that just can't wait to be realised. However, there are a small number of exciting opportunities coming up...stay tuned!

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